Norman Kunc M.Sc.     Emma Van der Klift M.A.
Although Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift are well known speakers and advocates within the disability rights community, they prefer to think of themselves as modern day storytellers, continuing the long held tradition of using humour and narrative to initiate self-reflection and social change.

Norman and Emma travel extensively throughout North America and abroad providing in-service and training in the areas of inclusive education, employment equity, conflict resolution, and other disability rights issues. Norman and Emma have a book , several journal articles, and three book chapters to their credit.
Emma aand Norm sitting at table
They also have developed and operate "Conversations that Matter," an online values training platform consisting of more than 80 video segments of conversations with the leading trainers, scholars, and advocates in the field of disability rights. Conversations that Matter logo
Born with cerebral palsy, Norman attended a segregated school for children with physical disabilities; then, at the age 13, he was integrated into a regular school. From there, he went on to complete an Bachelor's degree in Humanities and a Master of Science degree in Family Therapy.

In his undergraduate years, Norman wrote a book about his experiences of going to a regular school. This book catapulted him into a career as a speaker, writer, scholar and advocate.
For many years, Emma worked with non-profit agencies that support individuals with intellectual disabilities. She has since completed a Masterís degree in Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University and is certified both as a mediator and a negotiator through the Justice Institute in Vancouver. Emma identifies as Autistic and neurodivergent, and is active in the Neurodiversity movement.

When Norm and Emma aren't working, they enjoy cycling, good food, and discussing esoteric books on post-modernist theory. Rumor has it that Emma is also working on a mystery novel. 

Norman and Emma live in Vancouver British Columbia
and have a daughter (Erinn), a son (Evan), and a son-in-law (Jason).

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